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Pure, awe-inspiring circus for more than 175 years

The Zoppé Italian Family Circus honors the history of their old-world Italian circus tradition. Led by Circus Director Giovanni Zoppé, a sixth-generation performer and who stars as the much-loved character ‘Nino The Clown’, the circus is propelled by a central story (as opposed to individual acts), that features amazing acrobatic feats, equestrian showmanship, canine capers, trapeze, clowning and plenty of audience participation.
Whether you’re three or ninety-three years old, you’ll find something to love at the Zoppé Circus. Experience the Italian hospitality, as you step into their tent and immediately feel part of the family.

Their current show, La Nonna, is dedicated to the strong women in Zoppe’s history and features a strong international cast of female performers. La Nonna is Power, Beauty and Elegance. For more than 175 years, women have always been integral to the circus, but taking the lighter roles. In La Nonna, women take center stage.
The Zoppé Family Circus emerged from humble beginnings more than 175 years ago, to become one of the legendary circuses of Europe, going on to successfully establish itself in the United States.

A joyful celebration of life, family and circus.  A collection of unbelievable talents from around the world. It’s More Of An Event Than A Show

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