The Strolling Piano, is a revolutionary concept in the world of musical entertainment, combining the classic and sophisticated nature of a pianist/singer with the flexibility of a roaming musician.

This fully mobile, self­ contained piano, can move around any event space safely and with ease, and it cleverly contains a PA that will support up to 300 guests or can wirelessly connect to an existing house PA system for larger events. There is no need to be attached or anchored to a wall because The Strolling Piano can operate for over 4 hours on its internal battery. There is no location too remote for The Strolling Piano.  Fairgrounds, Outdoor Festivals & Events, Pool Decks, Lakes, Golf Courses and beaches are all easily transformed into event spaces with no additional need for power. The Strolling Piano is a truly unique entertainment option and will have every guest intrigued, engaged, and delighted.

ADVERTISING/ SPONSORSHIP: The strolling piano can have company logos added to the front or sides of the piano

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