Spyke is a very friendly, loveable and mischievous 3yr old Dragon, standing 9.5ft tall and 16ft long, who loves to perform and breathe smoke and fire for his admiring audiences.

He lives in Las Vegas and is cared for by his family of highly skilled Vegas performers, who travel with him to all his events. Spyke’s favorite is his Fairy handler, who keeps him very well behaved and mostly out of mischief, at all his appearances! She has looked after Spyke since he was a baby, so can answer every question the audience asks about him.
Spyke loves to dance and party and meet people, so they have a lot of fun together, delighting children and adults of all ages and encouraging interaction with everyone. With his smoke-breathing nostrils, scaly skin, and spiked back (hence his name!), this adorable dragon will provide high-impact entertainment.
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