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Plant Guy is a very interactive performer – a high touch one-on-one entertainer.   This strolling entertainer won’t beat about the bush!
He has a fabulous selection of plant costumes, each one covered in colorful handmade flowers for all seasons.
Plant Guy adapts his hilarious humor and ‘plant-related banter’ for all ages and plays well with the whole family.  He can be seen standing or sitting in his flower pot or driving around, standing on a mini-segway.  This character is the hit of the show wherever he transplants himself!
You will see your guests amazed, laughing and maybe even a little startled. Don’t be surprised to see them turning to their friends and dragging them back to watch their reactions. Everyone wants a picture with Plant Guy, you might say he is big on the photo-synthesis.
He works well at Theme Parks, Festivals, Trade Shows and all kinds of corporate and private events.
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