Audiences don’t just watch the Magic, they experience it, participate in it and are surrounded by it.
Michael has made a name for himself around the world, as a talented and innovative illusionist. He has been a fixture on National & International Television for many years, including 5 seasons of CW’s hit series ‘Masters Of Illusion’ and ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Magic’.  With performances in Stadiums, Arenas, Casinos and Theaters around the country, NFL & NBA half-time shows, major sporting events, large-scale parades, Fortune 500 companies and even at The White House. These incredible shows are perfect for audiences of all ages.
Michael Grandinetti’s – ‘Experience The Magic’ (VISUAL & INTERACTIVE MAGIC SHOW)
Enjoy an interactive and totally unforgettable experience, as Michael combines jaw-dropping magic with audience participation – that pulls you right into the show.  Live stage effects include borrowed finger rings vanishing and reappearing in a locked glass case, solid objects melting through each other in an audience member’s hands, vibrant roses appearing from a flash of light, and an interactive card trick using 3ft cards. A series of unbelievable effects is performed involving the entire audience at the exact same time – and so much more!
Michael Grandinetti’s – ‘Illusion On The Cutting Edge’ (GRAND ILLUSION SHOW)
Prepare to be mesmerized, as Michael performs breathtaking wonders from his international television and stadium appearances live on stage.  You’ll be amazed as Michael shrinks a beautiful dancer to the size of a basketball, causes an examined piece of tissue paper to come to life and dance in the hand of an audience member, visibly divides himself in half, and successfully predicts the winning lottery numbers, gives the entire audience their own private lesson in magic……and for a finale levitates 10ft into the air under bright lights!
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