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Moments Are What Make The Magic
Clever, fun, mind-expanding miracles, and intelligent comedy magic

KARDENNI has developed a truly unique style of intelligent comedy magic, that is captivating, clever, extremely funny and very effective. With his incredible talent and high-quality performances, he provides a fun and sophisticated entertainment for all ages, whether it be on the stage or strolling through an event. With over 20 years of experience and award-winning performances, KARDENNI will take your fair, event or celebration to the highest level possible, as he flies from one highly skilled and impressive effect to another, while his funny jokes and story-telling keep everyone amused throughout.

KARDENNI captures his audience almost instantaneously and to watch him improvise, is really quite impressive.  It becomes part of his charm, that he is always one step ahead of you! KARDENNI is a regular entertainer at Walt Disney World FL, where he can be seen performing his magic and entertaining guests on The Boardwalk.

Stage Shows
KARDENNI’s highly skilled and unexplainable magic will leave guests pondering for hours. An average 30-40 minute show,  demonstrates and encourages people to think and laugh at the same time.  This is a real contrast in entertainment and a paradigm shifter.

Strolling Atmosphere Entertainment
As a strolling performer, KARDENNI will mingle with the crowd, blending into his surroundings, specifically timing each moment and interaction with a person or group for maximum impact.

 “Using thought and imagination to create magic in everyday life” – KARDENNI.

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