Musical Bells of the Carillon

Prepare to be captivated by the magnificent sounds of the Carillon. This remarkable majestic instrument, the largest in the percussion family, comes to life in the hands of Charlie St. Cyr-Paul, a skilled Carillonneur—a world-class musician, a true maestro of melodies, who brings together his experience as a musician and entertainer to provide epic performances through the majesty and power of the Carillon. With its massive bells and intricate mechanisms, the Carillon is a symbol of tradition and innovation, a celebration of artistry and craftsmanship, blending the old-world charm with a modern twist, adding a touch of grandeur and cultural richness to your Fairground.

CAST IN BRONZE promises to be a unique and memorable addition to your fair’s entertainment lineup. Whether it’s a classic tune, a contemporary hit, or a custom composition, the breathtaking range of harmonious melodies from the Carillon’s bells will have Fairgoers of all ages captivated by its timeless appeal that transcends genres and generations. Let the bells ring and the music flow!

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