Experience the Galactic Sensation: BOOGIE STORM

Dive into a cosmic spectacle with the dance group that brings a blast of energy, creativity, and interstellar excitement to any event and has taken the world by storm—literally! Their Intergalactic Dance Off is more than just a performance—it’s a phenomenon! Whether moonwalking on Earth or grooving across the galaxy, their dynamic routines and impeccable coordination promise an entertainment experience you won’t forget.
BOOGIE STORM, the electrifying ensemble of dancers donned in iconic Stormtrooper outfits, has captured hearts across the globe with their out-of-this-world performances.  Following their unforgettable appearances on both Britain’s and America’s Got Talent, where they earned not one but TWO Golden Buzzers from Simon Cowell, this stellar crew has become a viral sensation. With over 350 million views online and thrilling audiences from every corner of the planet, BOOGIE STORM is the perfect entertainment for events that aim for the stars. Whether corporate functions, grand openings, State or County Fairs, or private parties, BOOGIE STORM will turn any occasion into a cosmic extravaganza.
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