Experience the Thrill of AMAZING TYLER – The Master of Balance!

AMAZING TYLER is a one-of-a-kind performer whose unique and high-energy shows defy gravity and ignite the imagination! With a blend of excitement, adrenaline and precision, Tyler balances wheelbarrows, bicycles, ladders, and an array of unexpected items—all on his face—while dancing rhythmically to upbeat music. Whether on the stage or among the crowd on the ground, his engaging antics captivate audiences of all ages as they eagerly await the next daring item to be balanced!

The Highlight of his Show is balancing a towering 10-foot ladder and the best crowd-pleaser has been—a baby in a highchair—showcasing his unparalleled balancing skills and daring creativity. Tyler’s performances aren’t just watched; they’re experienced. Audience members are eager to participate in the interactive fun and offer their own items for Tyler to balance next, creating a uniquely collaborative and memorable event.