Danny’s uncanny resemblance to A-list Celebrity Johnny Depp has led him to become recognized as the world’s number one JD Look-A-Like. With their unmistakable likeness, it comes as no surprise that Danny has worked personally for Depp, doubling for him on several occasions. Not only is he a ‘dead ringer’ for Depp but as an actor, Danny has brilliantly perfected all the JD mannerisms, voice and wit, that make his impersonations of Depp and his much-loved movie characters, so remarkably convincing. 

With thousands of dollars worth of top-class costumes, wigs, props and wardrobe, Danny’s tribute to JD has no equal. Danny gives a memorable, one-of-a-kind guest experience, that will be sure to leave you star-struck!

Award-winning actor, Musician and Celebrity Impersonator, Danny Lopez began his show business career at the age of 7yrs, appearing in his first TV Commercial. A veteran of over 500 musical productions, stage plays TV Shows and Films, Danny has firmly established a solid reputation in the world of entertainment.

Danny has performed in 48 States, in 22 different countries, on four continents as an actor, tribute artist and impersonator. His work has been featured in the LA Times, USA Today, VH-1, MTV, E! Channel, CNN, the Chicago Tribute, NY Times and Entertainment Weekly.  Entertainment Weekly reported that Danny is “An Actor With Incredible Range.”

FUN FACT: In a bit of irony, Danny and Depp share the same birthday, June 9, 1963!

There was growing excitement and speculation in Manchester, England several years ago, when Danny and his celebrity impersonator girlfriend were spotted around town together, looking the spitting image of Johnny Depp and wife Vanessa Paradis.
So convinced were the local showbusiness news reporters, that this was the A-list Celebrity couple, the story made headline news and was covered on National Television.  “It’s definitely Depp, you can tell from his face structure”.  “His expressions and the clothes he is wearing are typical Depp”!
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