Renee Wiggins, actress and one of the very best Jennifer Aniston impersonators. Winner of `Best Look-A-Like’ in People Magazine and of a nationwide contest to appear on the `TV Guide Channel’s show Lookalike‘, as well as `Regis & Kelly’ and `Family Feud Lookalike Week’.

Renee’s looks, voice and mannerisms bear such an uncanny resemblance to JA, she is regularly mistaken for the famous celebrity actress in her everyday life. Her warm, outgoing personality and social skills also attribute to Renee being one of the very best JA impersonators.
With over 10 years experience as an actress and JA impersonator, Renee constantly keeps up with JA’s most current looks including her hairstyle, cut, color and her latest wardrobe fashion trends, enabling her to portray Jennifer as closely as possible.
Renee was first told of her resemblance to the actress when she was in college and the Friends show first aired. At the time, no one really knew who the now-famous actress was but Renne was told daily that she “looks just like the girl on that new show Friends”.
It would be years later, that Renee made an appearance on the Regis and Kelly morning show, which really started her career as an impersonator and that led to many other appearances in TV, books and magazines.
Renee is from Texas but loves the travel opportunities that looking like JA has given her, such as traveling to London to film photo and video footage for the famous photographer Allison Jackson to be featured on Comedy Central and traveling to Hong Kong for a major company personal appearance.
Renee’s extensive work as JA has included personal appearances, product launches, commercials, red carpet events, infomercials and talk shows, trade shows and numerous independent films.
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